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This is the last week of session for the California state legislature and the bills that they have been waiting to unleash on the California people have never been worse.
Yesterday they passed a bill (at the request of labor unions who have found it difficult to unionize small, independently owned an operated restaurants) to create an state controlled board that would set fast food employee wages. You may remember the “fight for $15” from several years ago, well now due to democrat cause inflation and policy created, California specific cost of living issues, the next threshold is $23/hour. No need for things like business owners to set the wages of their own employees anymore.

They also gutted a previously unrelated bill and filled it with language that would essentially destroy the entire fossil fuel production industry in California. No more oil production here at all, so the companies that invested to create offshore drilling stations or any of the hundreds of oil wells visible as you drive through Bakersfield will just to pull all that infrastructure up at their own expense and move it somewhere else.

The irony of the latter bill is that it comes on the heels of the Governor scrambling to keep californias last remaining nuclear power station online. Between californias power black outs and brown outs, push to outlaw gas powered cars, and record breaking heatwaves where everyone is using air conditioning, I wonder if anyone in Sacramento even knows that there are not enough Chinese produced solar panels to generate power that will run the grid during night time.
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Reminder to all Californians!

The California Gubernatorial Special Election and Recall will be held on Tuesday, September 14th.

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Important facts about the Newsom Administration for all Christians to Consider:

  • Governor Newsom refused to meet with church leaders regarding COVID restrictions more stringent than comparable industries. He later implied that he “might open churches sooner than previously anticipated”, never following through on this promise.
  • Governor Newsom’s unprecedented COVID restrictions against Churches and Houses of Worship were declared Unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court in three different federal cases.
  • Governor Newsom’s Former Secretary of State targeted churches in investigations regarding ballot collection practices that the California Democratic party widely use. They later silently dropped all investigations without ever describing the statutes that were allegedly violated three weeks after the November Presidential Election of US President Donald Trump in a transparent attempt of Christian Voter Intimidation.
  • As the Statewide Leader in Christian Voter Participation activities and Ballot Prayer Drives, the Faith and Freedom Coalition of California encourages all California Voters to vote their conscience on September 14th. Donate Here to help us in our efforts to empower Christians to elect representatives that represent Christian values. Or join our mail list to stay engaged with our efforts.